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Long Arm Soap Holder

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This Long Arm Soap Holder Soap clasps the side of a basin or sill, and holds bar soap for most of its life, allowing water to drain from the soap and dry when you are finished washing your hands.

Use for holding hand soap in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

It is made for a thick basin rim (4.5cm) and has some spring in the hook to allow for slight adjustments to this grip.

The soap 'tray' sits at 10cm below the edge of the sink rim when attached.

Made by hand, and from solid brass wire, each shows slight differentiation of form and the brass ages with use and moisture to a warm brown.

* not strong enough to hold objects of much weight, but could also hold toothbrushes, scrubbers, and light dishcloths.

* too much weight or pressure can alter the shape of the holder.