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Small Brass Flower Circle - 40cm Diameter, 25mm flower loop

$220.00 / Coming Soon

This Brass Flower Circle is made by a.c.v studio, by hand, from brass and silver solder. Each circle shows tiny differences to the others, as they are made one at a time.

This circle is approximately 40cm in diameter, and has a circular loop at the base within which to sit gathered flowers or leaves. A 25mm test tube with rim can be seated in the loop to keep the flowers in water if needed.

Flower Circles are made to order and will be shipped within 10 working days from the order placed, unless otherwise communicated, with tracking emailed to purchaser after dispatch.

The brass is buffed to a matte finish, and is left untreated so that the warm browns that come from being in contact with moisture leave a beautiful patination on its surface. This can be easily cleaned following the instructions below.

Brass is made mostly of copper, and during the soldering (making) process some pink from the copper in the brass may rise to the surface and be visible around the join. This is a beautiful marking of the hand-making process and is never the same on any two pieces.

a.c.v studio is a project by Anna Varendorff, hand-making limited edition objects.

Please choose carefully, as goods can not be returned unless faulty.


The Brass Flower Circle can be cleaned with brass cleaning products, but we recommend cleaning with tomato sauce (ketchup) and an abrasive kitchen scourer, washing with mild soap afterwards and drying immediately. This is the least toxic cleaner for brass we know of.