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bracelet for a room


bracelet for a room, Anna Varendorff, brass and silver solder

From AUD $1700.00

Thinking about Anna Varendorff’s Objects of Free Use sculptures and their unique configurations and haptic connections Varendorff has altered the way she groups the pieces, to incorporate hang, drag and tether to their modes of interconnectedness

Individual geometric brass sculptures are made into a chain of objects, all linking one to another and consequently a long line of interconnected, moving, articulated sculptures that can be hung, draped and balanced

They are made by Anna Varendorff, by hand, from brass and silver solder, in her Melbourne studio

Pieces are all a little different and the work in the image is indicative of the artwork, but not representative of the exact size of shapes used in every piece

If commissioning a piece smaller or larger then the work illustrated, number of elements in the piece, price of work and shapes used will be discussed and confirmed in writing between the artist and the client before the commencement of making the work

Each grouping and configuration is a unique object, and can be different in combination of shapes and number of elements. Nuances of the making process are evident on the surface of the pieces

The brass used is buffed to a matte finish, and is left untreated so that the warm browns that come from being in contact with hands through play and interaction leave a beautiful patination on the surface. This can be easily cleaned following the instructions below

Brass is made mostly of copper, and during the soldering (making) process some pink from the copper in the brass may rise to the surface and be visible around the joins. This is a beautiful marking of the hand-making process and is never the same on any piece


Goods are made to order and will be shipped within 4 weeks from purchase unless otherwise communicated. Commissioned pieces are to be agreed upon in description and price within email between Anna Varendorff and the commissioning party

If commissioning a similar work, a deposit of 50% will be required to begin the commission and the balance payed before delivery.

Method of shipment will be agreed upon before commencement of work between both parties, in writing

Please consider all descriptions and communications carefully, as goods can not be returned unless faulty

If your country is not listed for shipping please email us at anna@acvstudio.com for a quote.


This work can be cleaned with supermarket available brass cleaning products, following their instructions, and a kitchen scourer. Wash afterwards with a mild soapy water, rinse till clean and then dry with a cloth. It is recommended that rubber gloves are worn when cleaning the work. Do not clean in or around food or food preparation areas